Ashley Rivenbark (艾莉)

TEDx Speaker | Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Practitioner, Facilitator, and Curriculum Developer

Ashley is a Senior Associate, Leading for Equity and Inclusion for Catalyst. She completed her undergraduate work at UNC-Chapel Hill in May 2014, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies (Chinese) and Romance Languages (Spanish). She went on to complete her graduate work at the Wake Forest School of Business in May 2016, receiving her Master of Arts in Management. Ashley holds a Diversity & Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University.

Through her various internship and job experiences, Ashley has implemented project management skills and logistical support to organize and execute major events, as well as utilize her foreign language skills to develop key reports. During her academic career, she led and contributed to internationally-focused organizations and attended global leadership conferences in order to foster a more global mindset within the campus community.

She is motivated, open-minded, and committed to developing stronger ties between the U.S and China through cultural understanding, business interactions, and educational diplomacy.

Ashley led several Diversity & Inclusion initiatives at her previous company, including curriculum development and seminar presentations on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. She looks forward to bringing the same drive and passion to her new position.

Ashley Rivenbark (艾莉)