Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Master Trainer and D&I Practitioner

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis is founder and owner of 365 Diversity.

As an activist, sociologist and criminologist, educator, and evaluator, Kimya Nuru Dennis is invested in educating, training, evaluating, and assessing for-profit organizations and non-profit organizations.

As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary educator, trainer, facilitator, evaluator and researcher, Kimya Nuru Dennis specializes in demographic and cultural factors contributing to K-12 and colleges-universities, workforce and workplace, law-police-court-penal system, and medical-health system.

This captures a range of issues including:

Recruitment and training methods for schools, businesses, and organizations
Teaching and learning design and implementation for schools
Factors contributing to health conditions, access to health services, and health outcomes
Improving police departments, law enforcement, court system, and penal system

This reaches local, national, and international populations with focus on underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized people

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis