Dr. Tedra Haynes White

The Corporate Professor™, Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer & Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

I am The Corporate Professor™, which means that I am a:
• Subject Matter Expert (SME): Interpersonal communication & relationship/team building
• Teacher & Researcher
• Instructional Designer
• Workshop Facilitator
• Consultant
• Coach/Mentor
• Evaluator & assessor of participant learning
• Excellent administrator

~ I partner with and empower companies who want to take their employees and company to the next level.

~ I excel at Talent & Team Development. I specialize in interpersonal communication and relationship/team building.

~ I have a passion for helping individuals and teams reach their full potential and experience success beyond their own expectations.

~ I’m enthusiastic & optimistic and will tell you why something WILL work, but I’m realistic if I think that it won’t.

~ I am an expert in collegiate empowerment and I thoroughly enjoy coaching college students on the soft skills that they need in order to be successful in the workforce and in life.

~ I will help you think and act outside of your comfort zone.

~ I live for those moments when I have a hand in helping others have that light-bulb “A-HA” moment of self-awareness when they “get it” and things begin to make sense.

Dr. Tedra Haynes White