Jewel Love

Founder & CEO at Champions Mental Health

I created Champions Mental Health to reach the majority of corporate employees who are failing to achieve their highest level of work performance due to the stigma surrounding mental and emotional health. Through data backed tools, our programs increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

I am licensed psychotherapist, investor, and serial entrepreneur in therapeutics. I am passionate about digital health, corporate mental health, and diversity mental health. Born in Oakland, California and mixed with Scottish-Canadian and Black American, I align with the concept of being a global citizen.

My unique superpowers:
✅ Highly engaging speaker
✅ Results, quality and process orientation
✅ Exceptional thought partner and planner
✅ Effective decision-maker and problem solver

I am a results-, quality- and process-oriented high performer - efficient decision maker, tough problem solver and fair and demanding leader.

The ability to turn taboo and challenging conversations into fun and engaging dialogues that help improve management understanding and improved application. I also enjoy creating opportunities for employees to share more of their personal selves in safe ways that create camaraderie between colleagues.

I am looking for organizations that are ready to transform their company culture into one of authentic connection and psychological safety that allows all employees to feel seen and heard.

You can hire my company to support your staff to:
☑️ Inspire managers to lead diversity and inclusion conversations on their teams
☑️ Support the mental and emotional wellbeing of diverse staff / (check our amazing testimonials!)

Are you a LEADING COMPANY needing my advice?
It is simple, reach out to me and we can have a call to explore what can be done and how can I help you.

Are you an EXECUTIVE, HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER, WELLNESS COORDINATOR, DIVERSITY LEADER interested in networking and exchanging ideas? Connect with me and let’s have a virtual chat!

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Jewel Love