Lawrence Henderson

CEO - BOSS, LLC | Veteran | TEDx Speaker | Professional Certified Coach (PCC) | Org Leadership Doctoral Student (he/him/his)

A people leader for over 20 years, I've gathered expertise/continued education in the areas of organizational development, leadership, coaching, talent management that are crucial in leading/aiding the complex transformation of an organization. I am uniquely positioned/purposed to use these areas of mastery to facilitate and lead all human capital work across the organization while supporting members of the executive leadership team. All done while limiting disruptions/distractions to the organizational process flow thus giving back Operational equity that affects the bottom line.

Years have been spent developing expert tools in leadership necessary to think globally, build strong teams, problem-solve, focus on solutions, and model collaboration. My call is to help by being a systems thinker, who can help senior management handle the array of issues that might arise. I see what I do as the developmental nutrients that help human capital grow strong!

I see my role as a provider of human capital leadership to align the organization’s strategic priorities with the necessary people's capabilities to deliver on the organization's mission, business objectives, and desired culture. As a trusted advisor and coach to Executive leadership teams and leaders at all levels, I take on the responsibility for optimizing all people-centered activities and will often lead significant change initiatives that impact organizational growth, strategy implementation, and cultural transformation.

My life's mission is to connect the dots so that each of us consistently shows up at our best every single day.

I'm a lover of all things food, a Harley Davidson riding enthusiast, & love traveling with my beautiful family. Those closest to me would say that I am energetic, I follow-through, & love people. I also have this horrible tendency to see the absolute best in people before they see it in themselves.

My Passions:

➡ Leadership & Organizational Development/Effectiveness
➡ Individual & Group Coaching
➡ Facilitating learning and group process
➡ Process & Operational Competency
➡ Positively influencing attitudes and thinking patterns
➡ Conflict Resolution

Lawrence Henderson