Tye Miles

Business & Life Coach for the Woman Ready To Elevate Her Brand, Authority, and Revenue

Tye Miles is Founder and CEO of Tye Miles International, a consulting and coaching firm that provides personal development, business development and brand strategy to coaches, experts and service- entrepreneurs ready make a greater impact on society who need to discover and display their authentic essence LIVE, in print and digital design as they pursue their boldest visions, both, personally and professionally.

Currently, she is pursuing a master of science degree in Metaphysics with a focus on Couscious Centered Living, Positive Thought Reprogramming and Practical Spirituality. Tye has worked with new entrepreneurs, high profile executives, frustrated purpose-driven leaders and the emotionally stuck for over 10 years.

As Director of Program and Business Strategist for World Changers Media Mentorship, she travels the US to teach, speak and train on the unequivocal power of being authentic and, immersing one's true personality into every aspect of the brand experience . Tye has held herself responsible to empower others to own their uniqueness, fortify their belief system with positivity and build a life and business that reflects their true essence.

Results from working with Tye come in the form of instant confidence boosts, increase in self-esteem, willingness to let go of the past, courage to embrace fresh beginnings, clarity of next best moves, new businesses and revenue generation. But more than that, she prefers to see the long-lasting transformation people experience from learning how to overcome self-doubt and reset their thinking using pratical principles of positive thinking.

When she's not serving others, working out or hanging with her family and friends, she tries very hard to be silly and laugh often.

Tye Miles